Armchair Cinephile, Cine-Mini

Lord of the Rings
(Limited Edition) (New Line):
You knew it would happen — the original theatrical cuts are now packaged together with the ginormous “DVD Extended Versions,” as they should have been in the first place. For fanatics, each set boasts a new documentary with even more unseen footage. If, by some chance, you’re a Tolkienite who doesn’t yet own these films, these are the ones to buy.

Castle of Cagliostro (Anchor Bay/Manga):
Hayao Miyazaki, the Japanese animation genius, got his start as a feature director with this Lupin III adventure, a spinoff of a wildly popular television series he had worked on

Friends with Money (Sony):
Nicole Holofcener, not the world’s most feel-good auteur, assembles a dream cast for this tale of class insecurity: Joan Cusack, Catherine Keener, Frances McDormand, and, er, Jennifer Aniston

Fourteen Hours, Shock, and Vicki (Fox); Hammer Film Noir Collector’s Set (VCI):
More forgotten film noir? Surely there’s no such thing as too much.

Lonesome Jim (IFC Films):
Steve Buscemi’s third feature as director looks like hell, which suits his depressive protagonist (Casey Affleck) just fine. Will Liv Tyler rescue him from despair, as she more frequently does his big brother?

Pretty in Pink and Some Kind of Wonderful (Paramount):
 “Guilty,” yes. “Pleasure”? Well, that all depends on just how much you like John Hughes and stories of star-crossed teenage love

Water (Fox):
Deepa Mehta concludes her “Elements” trilogy examining life in India; earlier installments Fire and Earth (hey, what about air?!) are already available from New Yorker Video

Epitafios (HBO):
HBO’s first venture into Spanish-language programming is a long-form Argentinian tale about cops tracking a serial killer

The Tick: Season One (Buena Vista):
The animated cult favorite arrives on disc, two years after the live-action spinoff it inspired.

Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World (Warner Bros.):
Spoiler alert: He doesn’t find it. But Albert Brooks devotees will want to watch anyway, even if it’s arguably his worst film.

Arrested Development
– Season Three (Fox); Desperate Housewives — The Complete Second Season (Buena Vista); South Park — The Complete Eighth Season (Paramount)

Kill Your Idols
(Palm Pictures), about NYC’s turn-of-the-’80s art/punk scene; The Charles Bukowski Tapes (Barrel)

Duck Season
(Warner Bros.); Iron Island (Kino); Mountain Patrol (Kekexili) (Sony); The Swindle (New Yorker)