Sound and the Fury


When Spoon took the stage at the White Rabbit on Friday, September 29 for their first local show in seven years, it was hard to tell who was happier about it: the audience or the band.

San Antonio’s indie-rock contingent represented in a major way, as a packed crowd expressed their devotion through gestures. There was the tireless guy in the back who intermittently shouted out a request for “Jonathan Fisk”; the rush of excitement when Spoon leader Britt Daniel sang this mouthful: “Since you were 19 and still in school waiting on a light on the corner by Sound Exchange” at the end of “Anything You Want”; and the parade of kids who asked to have their picture taken with Daniel during the opening set by local trash-punk veterans the Sons of Hercules.

Despite some minor sound problems (keyboard parts were occasionally buried in the mix), Daniel seemed giddy to be in the Alamo City, exclaiming “You fuckers are loud!” at one point and assuring the crowd that this SA visit came about at his insistence. He also praised the Sons of Hercules as “perhaps one of the best-ever Texas rock bands.”

Opening with the tortured meters of “My Mathematical Mind,” the band jumped into a series of tunes from the much-loved 2002 album Kill the Moonlight. A major highlight was the debut of a new song with characteristically choppy rhythms, white-noise guitar wigouts from Daniel, and an urgently-sung chorus that repeated the line: “Don’t make me a target.” On this night, the crowd couldn’t comply, simply because they were determined to make him a target of their adoration.