Spring Sprang Sprung

Texas: The State of Springs
8 pm Thurs
Feb 15
I know what you’re thinking. “Sweet! Another documentary on the Texas water system!” Let me temper your expectations a bit. Although this hour-long documentary narrated by Walter Cronkite starts off depicting the beauty and significance of Texas’s springs, it eventually turns into a political debate about the environment. And while caring for our ecosystem and preserving our state spring systems are important tasks, the average human audience has limited tolerance for hearing about the Rule of Capture — a controversial law that grants landowners complete control over the water on their property.

If anything, after watching this documentary you will have learned a new acronym to add to your burgeoning repertoire. Along with FYI, KIT, and LOL, you will now be able to use GCD — groundwater conservation district — in your everyday conversations. How cool is that?

Residents of San Antonio may enjoy the documentary’s brief segment on the Comal and San Marcos Springs, as well as a nice shot of a local landmark, the Alamo Quarry Market.

Texas: The State of Springs commences with, “I cannot think of any of our `Texas` citizens that don’t take delight in the springs.” Truer words have seldom been spoken. Check this doc out.

— John Haskell