That's a Wrap

Robert Downey, Jr. dials it in for David Fincher’s Zodiac. Courtesy photo.
It always happens this way: Just when you think you know someone, just when you’ve learned to trust again, said person has to go and say something silly like “David Fincher is overrated.”

David Fincher is overrated.

I expect that you’ve gotten a good gasp on by now, because you, like many I love and respect, are positively repulsed that I could find the man behind Fight Club less than a paragon of directorial prowess. (Maybe you don’t care … maybe you agree — I apologize for speaking for you.) It’s a lackadaisical aversion, really. I fell asleep in Se7en, and then Panic Room commenced the trend of disappointing Jodie Foster mother/victim movies, and viewing Alien 3 nearly 15 years after the fact halfheartedly sealed the deal. After all, Fight Club and The Game are fantastic films — some of my favorites — but you’ve got to figure the writers are due a considerable amount of credit in those cases (not to mention the art directors).

However, not even my tepid distaste for D.F. will impede me from seeing Zodiac this weekend. Starring Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr.? Merry Christmas to me (you, and everyone we know). And just so you’re convinced I’m not thrilled about the talent for purely prurient reasons, I should disclose that I wasn’t sorry to discover Brian Cox is also amongst the cast.

Full of It will be invading multiplexes on Friday, so if you’ve a hankerin’ to see a movie about a kid whose lies come true, then in the words of Jack White, have yourself a ball and a biscuit, sugar.

I recently overheard a prominent San Antonio film critic refer to Black Snake Moan as “sick”; another dubbed it “ridiculous.” (Our own Steven G. Kellman calls it “a blowzy parable” on page 22.) Is Craig Brewer, the director/writer of Hustle & Flow, really capable of such atrociousness? (To the mind of a Debbie Downer like myself: Why not?) What I am certain of is that there will soon be more Samuel L. Jackson quotes to add to our pop-culture vernacular. Yippee!

Before you dismiss Wild Hogs entirely (because Tim Allen + John Travolta + Leather = nightmare), keep in mind that Hogs’ writer Brad Copeland penned some very special episodes of Arrested Development. It can’t be all bad, right? But don’t take my word for it, I’m the lady who just dissed David Fincher.

 — Ashley Lindstrom


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