Streater Convicted

So, Theodore Streater was convicted on all six counts yesterday. The report the E-N ran this morning was significantly more balanced (I'd like to think it had something to do with yesterday's blog, but it probably didn't):
The court-appointed defense, which called a single witness — a DNA expert who was ridiculed by the prosecution — based Streater's case on how and when the physical evidence was collected and that some of the items stolen from the victims' household, as well as the weapon Streater was accused of using, never were produced.

Defense lawyer Stephanie Boyd suggested the DNA tests were rigged.

"You try to make the steps fit the case," she said of the DNA work done by San Antonio police. Boyd later said in an interview she was merely highlighting the "sloppy" methodology of authorities

I found out at about seven last night, as I was shopping for ready-made italian meals (ravioli, eggplant parmesan) at Central Market, when Assistant District Attorney Susan Skinner called to let me off the hook. I shant be testifying. 

Skinner and I had a long talk (I, pacing through the frozen foods section) about my story and the case. She says she was disappointed in our coverage.