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 The San Antonio Current’s
All-purpose hate-mail template!

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Dear Editor:

I can’t help but feel

(grossed out, outraged, aroused, shocked, revolted, dismayed, violated, annoyed, pissed off, exasperated, insulted) 

by the Current’s story about

(Big Kahuna, a recent play/musical, Haley Scarnato as a golden calf,
art censorship, a death-row inmate, a teen beauty pageant).

Clearly your staff doesn’t know anything when it comes to

(grandmas, drugs, the Alamo, politics, theater, law, wedding singers, art, lethal injection, society, Tim Rice, inner beauty, sea-monkeys), 

and the writing was 

(shallow, foul, uninspired, almost funny, bullshit, lugubrious,
blasphemous, lascivious, offensive, fourth-grade level, yellow, ugly, superfluous, nutty, caddish).

It seems to me that the writer is 

(lonely, ageist, Communist, insensitive, Republican, joyless, barefoot, mean, ignorant, homosexual, homophobic, racist, snotty, a narc, a novice, a witch, a clown)

and as such, I will no longer be reading your 

(publication, “newspaper,” ragazine).