Armchair Cinephile

Warner Bros. Goes Camp: The WB dug deep into the less reputable corners of their vault and came out with four themed box sets for this week. The sci-fi box, with its 50-foot women, may get the most attention, but check out the cornball “Historical Epics” for more laughs. Better yet, try Caged and The Big Cube in the “Women in Peril” set to put you in the mood for what has become a full-on Grindhouse Week ...

Circle of Iron (Blue Underground): David Carradine in a kung-fu film I understand. Add Eli Wallach, Roddy McDowall, and Christopher Lee, and you’re starting to freak me out. But in a story devised by Bruce Lee and James Coburn?!

Search and Destroy/The Glove (Dark Sky): What’s better than a trashy movie? Two for the price of one! I’m betting on pure crap here, but I am tempted by the idea of Rosey Grier torturing prison guards with a glove made of steel, all while pursued by grindhouse legend John Saxon.

Upping the interest level a bit are the double features in Hammer Film Noir Collector’s Set 2 (VCI), which bundles eight flicks by England’s beloved B-factory for five bucks a throw.

Black Snake Moan / Hustle & Flow (Paramount): And now for some real trash. Craig Brewer has been embraced by Sundancers, but these two glossy exploitation flicks — issued here in beautiful Blu-ray, no less — belong in a theater with sticky floors. You have to recognize Brewer’s eye for charisma, though: Only Sam Jackson and Christina Ricci could make Moan’s misogyny watchable, and Terrence Howard’s breakthrough in Flow was cause for celebration.