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Re: “Our City Council graduating class,” posted June 12, 2007
Added: Thursday June 14, 2007 at 04:54 PM EST

What you said about Tommy Calvert

I don’t know about you, but I’ve worked on political campaigns, marched, organized, and generally stood up to political “leaders” who weren’t leading. I’ve watched Tommy Calvert, who you derided in this article, and his father, TC, for some time now. I wish that journalists could see what it takes to protest. You may not like these people, but they are the ones that leaders end up following because they change laws, institutions, and attitudes. People like you gain because of them. And the Calverts of this world get credit for it when they die, as the politicians “get the love” on the sweet road paved by these idealists who aren’t , no-way perfect. I like Obama too, but would he have organized a march for MLK like TC Calvert has? Would he stand up for police brutality the way that Tommy or your best friend Myart has? TC was just at the Esperanza yesterday picking up Que Queer! flyers to distribute at the Juneteenth celebration at Comanche Park. And you shoulda seen TC in action at the FCC Regional Hearings in San Anto...he stood up and said things that put big media to shame, got us national attention. Which takes me to Myart, another one in your sights...At least he lives on the eastside, does Art Hall from the suburbs? By the way, I went to Tommy’s 25th a year ago, and there were politicians there, so somebody respects him. He speaks Spanish too, and deserves a better deal than the media has given him. You make fun because he tries while I admire him for it. I guess you only respect those black men who’ve gone to Harvard? I’ve been there, intellectual creds do nothing for the heart, where leadership begins and ends. And that goes for journalists too. Remember, Art and Obama got to Harvard because alot of young black men and women who couldn’t get into college sacrificed, dirty fingernails and all. That’s what it takes. That’s what matters to me.

Barbara Renaud Gonzalez, San Antonio


San Antonio has had more than three municipal leaders go on to higher elected offices `“Our City Council Graduating Class,” June 13-19` such as current Texas House member Jose Menendez (formerly of Council District 6); the guy that Jose beat for the state seat, Juan F. Solis (District 5); Bexar County Commissioner Lyle Larson (District 10); and former Commissioner Helen Dutmer (District 3). Robert Marbut (District 8) went on to the second-highest elected post at the U.S. Olympic Committee. Thanks for fact-checking us Lucius Cincinnatus, we anxiously await your Jeffersonian blog revival.