Critical Darling

We’ve made some changes around here — you may have noticed — one, of course, being the name of this glorious section over which I preside. “Screens” is rather more accurate these days, as our coverage has expanded to include a regular television column, and our video-game columns now share a niche with End User and Surf’s Up in the new Tech section, just a few pages away.

In addition to providing Current readers with film and television criticism, local film news, and the latest DVD releases, Screens is now delighted to offer two more highly useful features. Flip over to page 33 and notice our film listings. On the opposite page you’ll find capsule summaries and ratings for recently released flicks. Who needs an iPhone when you have the Current in hand? Chock-full of movie times for the week, restaurant info, and events galore, the Current is a one-stop evening-out planner.

The advent of film capsules has made one veteran column obsolete. Rest in peace, “That’s a Wrap.” But don’t worry, you haven’t heard the last of my stabbing insults (or giddy praise). I’ve taken up here at Critical Darling, a less topically confined space where I’ll be writing about all things relevant and Screens-related. XO.