Armchair Cinephile

PICK OF THE WEEK: The world’s favorite lovey-dovey sleuths are captured here in their non-Thin Man collaborations. It’s largely comedy, I’m happy to report, though we get to see the pair test their chemistry in thrillers and melodrama as well.

It takes chutzpah to remake Rear Window (without credit, no less!), but this pop thriller pulls it off, smartly updating the story with contemporary tech twists. Also available in Blu-ray, to enhance satisfaction for your voyeuristic side.

While awaiting the release of this month’s Blades of Glory (Paramount), I’m humming Queen’s immortally goofy theme song to this high-camp blast of retro sci-fi. (It’s used for a skating scene in Blades.) Flash is especially potent, in the shadow of Ingmar Bergman’s death, for reminding us that Max Von Sydow (Ming the Merciless) had a sense of humor about himself.

Another off-the-wall auteur release from the Lionsgate/Studio Canal partnership, this twofer from the Andalucian Dog contains a rare effort shot in English (The Young One) and the atypically mainstream Gran Casino.

KIDS’ STUFF FOR ADULTS: The Muppet Show, Season Two (Disney); The Simpsons, Season Ten (Fox); The Tick, Season Two (Disney).