Kino Club

"Plano is a northern suburb of Dallas, Texas. Painfully new, unrelentingly horizontal landscapes, open fields next to long fortresses of super stores, miles of parking lots: these image places are both the resonant center and dissonant catalyst for the project. The textual method for exploring the ideas and image places in Plano is through an imagined inhabitant in a combination of confessional and conversational text. The subject speaks alternately of his general state of happiness and his violent tendencies - contrasting the social pressure to behave and an increasingly uncontrollable desire to react maliciously. His language displays his limited, regional context, a context (and a god) which has betrayed him."

- Dean Terry

Plano (2003)

by Dean Terry digital video,

 TRT 2:34

Dean Terry is Assistant Professor of Aesthetic Studies at the University of Texas at Dallas, and Director of the Online Worlds Lab inside of Second Life. His recent documentary video, Subided, continues his exploration of how the built environment shapes our behavior and attitudes towards interacting with other human beings.