Sound and the fury

Forthe hellion in you looking for stygian environs and classic, dark punk rock, prepare for Texas horror rockers the Saturday Nite Shockers.

Hosted by the Alternative Club Lounge (2211 San Pedro) on Thursday, September 6; roguish black dress and vinyl will be much appreciated. Freshly out of Electro Recording Studio with a new six-song EP, the Shockers, currently signed to Madsplatter Records, have a fair amount to share, and they may even deign to play a few new psychobilly anthems.

A refreshing taste of dirty punk at its best, the Shockers conjure macabre images of blood and guts and eating brains, which did not die when Danzig left the Misfits. One of the rare bands that doesn’t mash their lyrics into an inaudible hardcore mess — although some have done it tastefully — the Shockers, bare and bloodied, will no doubt rock your face off.