The entertainment industry’s ogres — the ones who think they’re so edgy — have again illustrated just how little they understand our desires. What the world needs now is a television reality show concerning renowned YouTube “Britney-apologist” Chris Crocker, right? Crock, indeed. We’ll see if this one makes it out of development. If so, you can slap it right onto your list of Darling-unapproved programming. (Does your show make the cut? Email me to find out.)

Critical Darling rarely has occasion to brag about her psychic skills, but for once she was actually in the ballpark: Actor Jim Broadbent has been cast as Horace Slughorn in the sixth installment of the Harry Potter film series. I pitched him as another wacky wizard, Xenophilius Lovegood, in a story published earlier this summer. Eh, so I won’t be opening a mind-reading booth.

Two film festivals vie for your attendance this weekend; procure a coin for flipping. The San Antonio Local Film Festival, brought to you by the San Antonio Film Institute, will be holding court at the Aztec on the River starting at 7 p.m. on Friday, and the Manhattan Short Film Festival goes all weekend at the Urban-15 campus. Click over to, and, respectively. XO.