Let’s Active

Ah, pitiable future. Such a load of hopes, cares, and fears are cast upon you it is a wonder you ever arrive at all. Casper Weinberger said that, we think, sometime after Iran-Contra.

Not to be outdone, Wavy Gravy, suggested, “We are all the same person trying to shake hands with our self.”


It is in this inspired frame of mind that Queque hails the Resistance: our deep thinkers and incensed voices in all of their delusional perspiration.

Mighty Trinity (University, that is) is divesting its assets from the angry Sudan. If school administrators are a little behind the curve on this one, it’s because they had to be prodded from below all the way by a student coalition intoxicated with dangerous notions of justice.

Brave border leaders in Brownsville and Del Rio are denying federal agents access to city property to plant survey stakes for a border offence. We hail ye.

Our favorite wildman, civil-rights attorney James Myart (it’s hard to stop hailing when the blood starts runnin’) came out of the closet about his bi-polar demons this week. Consider this our shout-out with sincere respect. If it helps, James, know that Queque has a manic streak, too. LYL.

Remembering what great cinema the repeated rescue attempts made after the Utah mine collapse, we also stand with those camped out in Mexico City demanding the bodies of 63 mine workers killed in the Pasta de Conchos mine explosion be unearthed.

Write Presidente Calderon yourself at [email protected].

War profits

In the interests of conducting a more environmentally friendly war, Austin-based Ecomass “get the lead out” Technologies has developed “greener” bullets.

Sure, you heard about the last batch that turned out – thanks to lovely tungsten – to be not so. But these babies, formed from, um, “ecomass compounds,” are much, much better. It makes not cleaning up the billions upon billions of little lead nuggets polluting groundwater across the nation as the U.S. Department of Defense fights for exemption from national environmental law that much easier.

Ecomass has also been able to cash in with the DOD, last month receiving a $6 million contract for heating trays. Not quite as sexy, but, hey, troops gotta have trays.

Here in St. Anthony-land, it seems all these meddling Congressional trips into Iraq are finally paying off. M7 Aerospace, which has a long history caring for the C-20s — those amped-up executive jets the top brass and politicos love to fly — picked up a modified $60 million contract for ongoing logistics support.

SA-based Tetra Tech scored a $50 million deal for architectural and engineering services related to “environmental” programs for the Air Education and Training Command, including “assessments,” resources surveys, and public-relations planning.

Then at the shallow end of San Antonio’s War on Terror trench, MAPCO snookered $8.7 million for work at Laughlin AFB, which will include a massive parking lot for aircraft. Whoever said “war is hell” obviously wasn’t on the supply-side of the conflict.