The cursed fate of the Mission 4 Drive-In was sealed last Thursday as City Council unanimously approved San Antonio’s 3-plus million-dollar purchase of the Santikos landmark, and the 26 acres upon which it stands (one theater, inimitable, with graffiti-ready wall space for all).

According to District 3 Councilman Roland Gutierrez, the sale will be closed between 60 and 120 days from the vote. So, if you tag one of the screens now, maybe you can haul away your very own piece of Mission 4 when they bulldoze the ol’ thing! Too much? Too cheery? Too illegal? Meh, it’s our birthright, baby. Everyone knows all San Antonians under 50 were conceived at the Drive-In.

Both the National Park Service and the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities are interested acquiring space on the theater property, which sits in the shadow of Mission San José.

“The Drive-In is not the Drive-In of the 1950s,” — (no shit) — Gutierrez noted, psyched about utilizing a portion of the acreage for a public library, of which District 3 currently has but one.

’Tis bittersweet news for the lot of us, I should think, as we say sí to literacy and no to nostalgic significance. Claim your chunk of heritage today. XO.