Raised outside San Marcos, Scott Biram stewed in a mix of hillbilly country, tar paper shack blues, and rugged punk attitude. Around 2000, he began playing a stomp-box with his left foot like a bass drum, blowing harmonica, and slashing away at a Gibson ’59 hollow body.

Things took a catastrophic turn when Biram hit a semi head-on at 75 miles/hour. Two broken legs, a broken foot, arm and ravaged lower intestine couldn’t deter Biram, who played a show six weeks later from a wheelchair, IV dangling from his arm. Thankfully, a more robust Biram comes to the Triple Crown in San Marcos on Friday, November 2.

News from the road keeps getting more exciting for Girl in a Coma, who took over the opening slot on Morrissey’s fall tour last week after Moz fired opener Kristeen Young (reportedly for making an on-stage comment about the headliner’s oral-sex skills). GIAC will play 10 dates in eight cities, winding up on November 8 in Miami.

Boxcar Satan just returned from a tour of their own, and they’ll rattle the walls of Patsy’s Ice House (2602 N. Flores) on Friday, November 2, with Philly “doom-jazz” band Stinking Lizaveta.