The strike has struck. Motion picture and television producers failed to extend what was apparently the make-or-break olive branch — a percentage of new media revenue — to movie and TV writers in their final hours of negotiation, and as a result at 12:01 a.m. Monday, November 5, Writers Guild of America members capped their pens, shut their laptops, laid down their tablets. (Broke their Bics, crushed their keyboards, lobbed their legal pads …)

We know for certain that most late-night talk shows will go into reruns immediately, while reality series appear to be continuing business-as-usual. (Eck. Why don’t reality “stars” unionize and strike?)

But where do the five television shows actually worth watching stand, should the strike continue for months? Thanks to a nifty graph from the L.A. Times, I can tell you!

Lost is “expected” to have eight of their 16 scheduled episodes ready, 30 Rock has nine of 22, Dexter will complete its season, Weeds is already in the bag (so to speak), and, well, the chart didn’t mention The Office, but now that the whole “Jam” thing’s worked out, I think most of us can stay afloat until the writers get their due. XO.