My grown-up Christmas list

Oh, I wish I were six years old again looking forward to sneaking a peak underneath the Christmas tree to spot what Santa Claus brought me, fretting if he got it wrong … which he almost always seemed to do. Well, as I've grown older I've naturally grown wiser. So, Santa, baby … I've come prepared this year. I am providing you my Christmas list. I hope you have enough money in your budget to cover my necessary Christmas must-haves. I've made it easy for you, Santa. I've divided my Christmas wants into two categories: non-monetary and monetary. So get to it!

Non-monetary gifts:
  • Community support at art events. Yes, I see a lot of people out at events … but it's the same faces. How's about we get more people out? Come on, galleries offer wine and other nice food items. Food, free food! 
  • More art strolls during the spring, please. I've always enjoyed the way SA looks in springtime.
  • More local organic start-up events — the success of SMART Fair and the DIY Factory have hopefully raise the confidence levels of other artists trying to ride on their coattails.
  • A peaceful and well planned out Luminarias Art Night: let's avoid drama for the inaugural event … maybe next year, but not in '08.
  • Oh yeah, and world peace, of course…but I'll settle for the following monetary gifts, if need be. 
Monetary gifts:
  • Sidewalk improvements down on S. Alamo and Pereida streets (I swear, we had no alcohol in our system when we nearly stumbled onto a car or two last First Friday). 
  • Season three of Veronica Mars. Sorry I had to throw that one in there.
  •  * The $142 million needed for the performing arts center (it isn't even on the ballot yet, but a girl can wish, right?).
 * If I get this gift … er, I mean, if San Antonio gets this gift … I wouldn't need anything else.