Let them eat cupcake

“I think my grandpa would like chocolate,” proclaims 4-year-old Rita Seringer as she and her little sister press their faces against the bakery’s display case in search of the perfect cupcake for their pappy’s birthday party.

Kate-Frost Feild, owner of Kate’s Frosting, a cupcake-exclusive store north of downtown, smiles at her young customers as their eyes skim across rows of the colorful pint-sized snacks. “That does sound like a good grandpa flavor,” Feild agrees.

Kate’s Frosting isn’t your traditional bakery or panaderia mexicana. You won’t find sticky buns or empanadas de calabaza anywhere in the shop. Instead, Feild casts the spotlight on an iced pastry she considers “cute and portion-controlled.”

“To me cupcakes are more fun than a big ol’ cake,” Feild says. “With a cake you don’t know where to cut it. Then someone wants the corner piece and someone else wants the middle piece. You can’t make anyone happy.”

Originally from Houston, the 24-year-old Feild moved to San Antonio last year after graduating with a degree in sociology from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth. Although her initial plan was to become a teacher, Feild decided the education field wasn’t for her.

“My parents asked me, ‘If you could do anything you wanted, what would you do?’” Feild says. “I said, ‘I would really like to have a store and sell cupcakes.’”

Feild combined some of the skills she learned as a little girl watching her grandmother bake cookies with her own research on the culinary art form (including hours spent studying the Food Network), and held her cupcakery grand opening last October.

Currently, she offers four daily cupcakes: vanilla, chocolate, Ruby Slipper (red velvet), and the Jessica Rabbit (carrot cake). Every day, Feild and her loyal baking crew add a different specialty cupcake to their repertoire, such as espresso or Almond Joy.

“We have about 15 flavors right now,” Feild says, “but we’re always coming up with new ones.”

Kate’s Frosting is only the second cupcake store to open in the San Antonio area. Cupcake Junction, located on the city’s northwest side, debuted last summer. In other cities, mainstream cupcakery chains such as Sprinkles Cupcakes continue to expand internationally. Still, there’s always room for a quaint little eatery like Kate’s Frosting, where children can come for play dates or adults can stop in to have a quiet cup of coffee.

“I wanted the store to feel like you’re at home or in a place where you can be cozy,” Feild says. “People in San Antonio love sweets … and there’s always something for everybody here.”

Kate’s Frosting
2518 N. Main
10am-6pm Mon-Sat
(210) 248-9809