Posh nights

Upon inspection of Posh Ultra Lounge’s MySpace page, I felt unprepared. Mini-skirt clad girls with martinis in hand? I didn’t seem to fit the clientele. However, when a friend and I decided to drop in for Tuesday Jazz night, we were in for a surprise — no minis in sight. In fact, we happened to be the youngest ones in the lounge, too. (If you’re young, single, and ready to mingle, skip Tuesdays and prepare for Posh’s much-hyped Privileged Fridays — if the fliers are accurate, it’s quite a shindig.)

Posh’s eclectic decor suits the atmosphere — from animal-print seating areas to beaded curtains, which makes the seating areas more private — although we could only imagine the mirrors that adorn the walls may confuse the overly tipsy patron.

My friend and I chatted it up in a cozy corner; we had no intention of hooking up with the suits that scattered the lounge that night. We even turned down a drink, we were that dedicated to writing a fair and balanced review sans complimentary cocktails from questionable characters. The drink selection was broad — wine, beer, champagne, and mojitos. On Tuesday, we spotted the majority of women with martinis while men downed Budweiser and secretly peeped at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on TV.

The service that night wasn’t the best; we flagged down our bartender a few times before he realized we were ready to close our tab. And although there was plenty of seating area available throughout the lounge, the after-work crowd gathered around the already crowded bar.

Our apple martinis, however, were quite delectable — I practically gulped mine down in one sip. The jazz group played “Ladies Night,” not a jazzy tune, but it did get the ladies on the floor. In fact, the entire two hours we lounged in the faux-leather seating area we didn’t hear one jazz song. There were tinges of it — but no full-on jazz. We could’ve arrived too late, or too early — thus, I was a tad disappointed with the music offering.

At Posh, every night appeals to a different crowd of people, from Thursday’s College Night to Silver Saturdays — so, most people into a semi-posh bar experience should swing by the Alamo Heights lounge. If you’re into a smoke-filled bar scene Posh may not appeal to you, but if you want to pick up a lady or possibly see a member of the Spurs, check it out.