Ruta Maya Riverwalk Coffee House continues to support local talent by hosting a fashion show for aspiring designers on Saturday, March 29 at 8 pm. Titled “De Colores” the show will focus on spring/summer collections for both men and women. Three of these emerging artists have been well mentored by San Antonio’s elder states(wo)men of fashion — Elizabeth Hernandez and Megan Mendoza have done time with Agosto Cuellar, and Luis Almanza (also a producer of the show) interned for Angelina Mata. Hernandez plans to offer “’40s and ’50s silhouettes with a twist,” in lush, sophisticated fabrics. Mendoza’s look is more “euro-vintage-indie” with a ’60s and ’70s vibe. Almanza is inspired by color, with a collection in springlike hues of blue and pink.

Two designers, Brenda Zepeda and show director Claudia Saint Coquette, however, will be making their debuts on the fashion scene. Saint Coquette lives up to her name, describing her collection as “‘jet set wear’ and accessories `that are` sexy yet bold.”

I can be a little hard on the young design scene in San Antonio — I’m critical of the lack of technical expertise and complete unwearability of much of the work I see. But these designers are enthusiastic and passionate, with good experience, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Let’s get out on Saturday and see what they have to offer.

RSVP to [email protected], or contact Ruta Maya Riverwalk Coffee House, 107 East Martin Street, (210) 223-6292.