Part 2: A Guide to Recognizing your Street Art

Today's lesson highlights two of the most influential street artists around: D*Face and Banksy. Their work has inspired a legion of budding graffiti artists and have pissed off quite a few police officers in the process, too.

Dean Stockton, or D*Face, is a more commercial artists, in a sense. However, with his mantra of "Look into my eyes & tell me that you hate me," as stated on his website, it doesn't seem to matter to him. Like other street artists, he causes people to look at their surroundings and appreciate the bits of arts all around. From his "Call in Sick" billboard or "I :( NY" where the Statue of Liberty is donning a sad clown face, D*Face is tackling all aspects of the streets — he uses graffiti, stickers, posters, stencils, and even a tricked out a bike.

Banksy is a somewhat-anonymous graffiti artist who lives in England. In November 2005, Esquire sent contributing writer Colby Buzzell to find Banksy — his humorous journey to find him in the flesh. Buzzell stumbled upon a graffiti loving kid that provides this sentiment of Banksy:
"I `Buzzell` approached him and asked him if he knew Banksy, and with a smile he said, 'Everybody knows Banksy, but nobody knows Banksy.'"
A collection of his work can be found on Flickr, where locals upload the newest works they find from Banksy.

*Information compiled from: Wikipedia

HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT: What would your street artist moniker be? Leg Face? Dirty Dweller? Painter Slayer? Let us know.