Sosa cuts out the immigration middleman

File under: we told you so (or sort of hinted at it, anyway).
Lionel Sosa has apparently left, his feel-good non-profit dedicated to building a stronger relationship between Mexico and the U.S. (and modulating the xenophobic, bad-for-business anti-immigration rhetoric) , to work for Senator John McCain's presidential campaign.

Current contributor Joe Solis speculated last month that would essentially function as a 527 PAC for McCain on the immigration issue in particular -- the Republican handling of which is widely perceived to be driving the Mexican-American electorate ever deeper into Obama/Hillary territory. Especially troubling, he wrote, is the $25-million single-source donation the organization claims to have bagged. We're awaiting a return phone call from because we'd sure like to see the 501c3's 990. And to confirm that Sosa's absence from the website's board of directors means he's no longer officially with the organization.

Sosa is serving as "an advisor to the campaign, working on Hispanic outreach, and also advising on media," said McCain Director of Regional Communications Jeff Sadosky.