Before digital cameras (with their fancy portable printers) and such … there was the Polaroid. Remember those days? Point, shoot, and you’ve got your picture in a snap. (We’d advise you not to take Outkast’s “Hey Ya” lyrics literally, when André Benjamin says to “shake it like a Polaroid picture.” Apparently you can damage the image, or something.)

In early February, Polaroid Corporation announced it would discontinue production of all instant film. Since the news hit, Save Polaroid ( has developed. The site claims, “`it’s` not about saving Polaroid, the company, rather the remarkable invention of Edwin Land, the instant film that made Polaroid a household name.”

In high school, I was a fan of Polaroid’s i-zone pocket camera (which was way too big to fit in one’s pocket) which was discontinued in 2006. I am still kicking myself that I sold it off at a family yard sale years ago. The oblong camera took tiny pictures (roughly 1.5” x 1”). I still have a few that have a vintage look going on, even though they were taken less than 10 years ago.

Visit and download their action pack, which contains pre-written and addressed postcards you can mail to Polaroid, Fuji, and Illford, “telling them why instant film should be saved.”