The time has come, the walrus said — to misappropriate one Mr. Lewis Carroll. After approximately 1.5 years at the Current in the capacity of screens editor, I’m falling down the next rabbit hole.

In approximately two weeks, this born-and-raised-and-educated San Antonian is leaving home to play in the big, bad world for once. If that’s a scourge to you, blame USC: You’d do the same if they offered to pay for your life while you ran wild in their five arts schools. And if it’s not, well, Critical Darling won’t miss you, either! (Who said I wasn’t trite?)

Though my physical manifestation will dwell in Los Angeles for the next 10 months (fortunate, if only for the fact that I’ll finally be able to see Spring Awakening this fall), my spiritual essence can be channeled any old time at So, you know, whenever you’ve got a hankerin’ for passionate, irreverent, attitudinal, alternatingly sweet-and-sour media-policing (and, let’s face it, Cate Blanchett worship), you know where I am.

Really, from the bottom of my heart, thanks for reading. And thanks, also, for bothering to send your compliments, your criticisms, and the proper spelling of “flak.” I won’t soon forget. XO.