Hello, folks. As you could probably tell if you could see me typing this (and let’s both be glad you can’t, since all I’m wearing is a pair of unlaundered Thundercats Underoos), I’m not your Critical Darling Ashley Lindstrom. I’m the new associate editor for Screens (as well as Music and Tech) so kindly forward all tips, comments, and awkwardly worded marriage proposals intended for her to the new kid.

Speaking of new kids, the Josiah Youth Media Festival announced winners July 12, and many of the best are SA upstarts. Carlos Landa, Mayra Chapa, Shane Carroll, and Javier Flores from Communication Arts High School grabbed Best Documentary honors for “A Shift for Representation: The 1977 City Council Reform,” while “Fresh Fruit” by St. Mary’s Hall students Ed Kelley and Brenden Cicoria took the Best Animation award.

And for even newer kids (toddlers, really) Vicky Boone Casting Agency will be holding an open casting call Saturday, August 2, for a principal role in The Girl, an upcoming film shooting in South Texas. Auditions begin at 10 a.m. at the Boys and Girls Club, 1602 Goliad Rd., for a boy between the ages of 4 and 6 who can pass for Latino/Anglo biracial. Bring a non-returnable photograph.