Looking forward to the forthcoming Zombie Apocalypse? (Sort of like the tattooed, facially pierced peeps’ answer to the Rapture.) Artist Jar Schepers seems fully prepared, with a current show at Neal Henderson’s Long Hall Gallery entitled The Last Few Years. According to the invite, it features “an extensive collection of sculptures and paintings revolving around apocalyptic metaphors pertaining to the human condition due to the various ills of the world.” Images feature a nifty wooden Ouroboros snake, “skateboard heads,” and a diorama of a “family” of creepy mannequin-like human figures, one of whom bears a crossbow. Take a date! for info.

Or, if you’re of a more Hitchcockian frame of mind this Hallowe’en season, check out Prints Gone Wild: John James Audubon at the McNay. Ogle 20 rare lithographs, many hand-colored by the birdman himself, including the masterpiece “American Flamingo,” which hasn’t been on display for 15 years. The show includes three great Texas subjects, too: “Texas Wolf”, “9-Banded Armadillo,” and, perhaps scariest of all: “Texas Rabbit”. for details.