When I was a high-school miscreant and habituated speech tournaments, Agnes of God was a favorite cutting to be performed by a certain type of teenage actress: mystical, enigmatic, yet capable on a nanosecond’s notice of delivering Methodesque, caterwauling, turned-up-to-11 histrionics, so you’d better watch out. In case you don’t already know, John Pielmeier’s drama centers around a naif novice nun who delivers a baby, possibly through virgin birth, and the epistemological and psychotherapeutic hijinks that ensue. Is Agnes lying? Is she a saint? What does her dilemma mean for people of faith? ... For people who doubt? I always greeted tournament elimination rounds wherein one of my competitors was an Agnes of God-ess with both dread and fascination; performed poorly, it was almost enchantingly campy — but performed well, this play is undeniably powerful, unquestionably riveting, and existentially terrifying. The Classic Theatre has as good a chance as any local troupe of highlighting the complexities and real ideas in this play of women. Directed by Bryn Jameson, cast includes Emily Spicer, Pamela Dean Kenny and Sarah Bading. Through May 24, Jump-Start Performance Co.,
(210) 227-5867,