The Sound & The Fury

Druggist, one of SA’s finest bands, will soon be relocating to San Francisco, and the ever-adventurous indie-pop group is commemorating the news with a farewell show at the Ten Eleven (formerly the Warhol).

Frontman Blake Cormier says he and guitarist Zach Dunlap feel considerable sadness about leaving South Texas but adds that Druggist’s West Coast tour last winter (promoting their most recent release, The Pile On) was a revelatory experience. “We met some nice, creative people, played some shows, and saw strangers climb three dark flights of stairs to pay $10 to enthusiastically check out some band from Texas who they’d never heard of,” he says. “It seemed a far cry from the typical pay-the-cover, buy-a-beer, stand-outside-and-chat crowd we’d just come to accept as a given.”

Beyond the appeal of San Francisco’s welcoming arts community, and the challenge of confronting a new scene, SF held an additional lure for Cormier. It’s his birthplace and the city where he spent his early childhood years. Your last chance to catch Druggist in performance (at least until they return to SA as a touring band) will be Saturday, June 18, when they’re joined at the Ten Eleven by Blowing Trees, Altus, and We Leave at Midnight. Showtime is 9 p.m.