Chisme y Chicle

Fact:Asian dining near downtown is lacking. Worse, the News 4 WOAI Kitchen Cops recently reported some health violations at China Latina in King William, including a cat living in the restaurant. We thought that was better than a dead cat in the restaurant.

Rumor:Nonetheless, we were excited when we heard that the fine people at Bubblehead Tea (, relatives of the Thai Taste proprietors, were going to open a new Thai restaurant in Southtown. Bubblehead owner Albert Smith told us they considered the old Pig Stand location on South St. Mary’s but decided against it. However, they’re still on the hunt …

Fact(?):New paint at the old Pig Stand indicates something is in the works. We’re waiting for an official statement from the new owner but sources tell us it will be called the Hog Stand. We expect pork on the platter and Harley Davidsons in the parking lot.

Rumor: After months of trying to discover who is behind the informative San Antonio Burger Blog (, an anonymous tip indicates the talented bloggers are lawyers at a downtown firm whose named sounds a lot like Lox & Pith.