The Sound & The Fury

According to the band’s website, Girl in a Coma “plans to go on tour again in the fall, so don’t know when the next SA show will be and want to see everyone there.” The girls certainly deserve — and will get — a packed house, so show up early Friday, August 28, at White Rabbit (2410 N. St. Mary’s, (210) 737-2221). Doors open at 8 p.m., and tickets pre-sell for $12 (if you heard Trío B.C., GIAC’s second album, that’s damn cheap). Even better news: It’s an all-ages show, and Sacramento’s Agent Ribbons (another all-female trio) and SA’s Blue Means Go will also perform.

If you are not into subtlety, Iron Age (Austin’s self-proclaimed “new wonders of hardcore and metal”) unveil their latest album, The Sleeping Eye, with a show Saturday at Rock Bottom Tattoo Bar ($10, all ages, doors open at 8). The band’s name reminds me of Kali Yuga (the age of quarrel and hypocrisy, according to Hinduism), and a song like “Arcana” (deity worship in Sanskrit) makes me curious about this band, even though I tend to ignore groups whose music you can hear just by looking at their press photo. Co-headliners Dixie Witch, Faceblaster, and Soulruin guarantee a night full of loud doom.