Up in smoke

Clean, modern, and well-lit are not words commonly used to describe a head shop, but they fit the Lazy Daze store at the corner of St. Mary’s and Durango. Owner and manager Hans Enriquez wants his business to flout expectations.

“We’re basically trying to be the modern smoke shop, where it’s about glass, art, function, and the apparel, too,” said Enriquez, while Brody the pug chilled on his lap.

“It’s not really just a head shop, because at the end, we’re in the retail industry and stuff, but, like, I’m trying to create a brand, too.”

Enriquez’s last job working for someone else was at Austin’s Buckle, five years ago. He opened two head shops in Laredo and sold them before moving to San Antonio and opening his first local Lazy Daze on West Avenue two years ago.

For Enriquez, Lazy Daze is a way of life.

“Everyone’s got responsibilities and everyone’s got business to attend to, but at the end of it, it’s OK to just stop and smell the roses,” he said. “Lazy Daze helps you to do that. 

“It’s cool, you know. There’s nothing else I’d rather be doing.”