The Sound & The Fury

Buttercup and Bombasta play free concerts at Main Plaza on Friday and Saturday, respectively (8-10 p.m.), and there are other shows in town this week (look ’em up in our Calendar section, page 35).

But, as far as I’m concerned, the biggest event is happening today (9-9-09) , at your nearest computer or local record store: It’s Beatles time.

All 12 of the Fab Four’s studio albums, plus Magical Mystery Tour, Yellow Submarine, Past Masters Vol. I and II, DVDs with documentaries in a stereo box set, The Beatles in Mono (10 discs), original and new liner notes … It’s all remastered and being released today. But the sooner you get them, the better chance you have to get all of the stuff (the documentaries will be available for a limited time only). Your safest bet: Buy them online, and fast (most local stores won’t have the boxes, unless you order them). The albums can be individually bought for as low as $12.99-$16.99 and the boxes for $249.99-$259.98.

The Stones may have outlasted them, and Jacko may have outsold them. But, as Elvis Costello once wrote: “Michael Jackson can sell records until the end of time, but he’ll never matter to people as much as the Beatles did.”