Cultural imperatives

Run for Your Wife
The Vex successfully revives the screwball comedy with this English farce about a likable bigamist for whom no good deed goes unpunished. Think Simon Pegg in the lead role. `See “Three’s a crowd,” online at`
$12-$18. Through September 13, the Sheldon Vexler Theatre,

Elegant Enigmas: The Art of Edward Gorey
One of the great practitioners of “literary nonsense,” Edward Gorey wrote and illustrated more than 100 books before his death in 2000, all of them filled with cheery bromides along the lines of: “An innocent maiden named Herridge/ Was cruelly tricked into marriage;/ When she later found out/ What her spouse was about/ She threw herself under a carriage.” Think you’re having a bad day? Spend the afternoon with Gorey’s sorry moppets. `See “Bad things happen,” June 10.`
General admission waived Thursday evenings and the first Sunday of the month. Through September 13, The McNay,

The History Boys
A moving and faithful adaptation of Alan Bennett’s Tony-winning drama about knowledge, identity, and cultural values, set among the competing hormones and egos of a British prep school. In the role of Hector, Don Frame is as comfortable as the old leather jacket that symbolizes his free-wheeling methods both in and out of the classroom. Fresh from college both in role and real life, Mark McCarver anchors the ensemble as Irwin, the progressive new professor who challenges both Hector and the boys to rethink their idea of history. Directed by AtticRep co-founder Tim Hedgepeth. `See “Time in a bottle,” September 2.`
$13-$23. Through September 27, the Cellar at the San Pedro Playhouse,

Tom Slick: International Art Collector
A famed oil-fortune heir known in San Anto and beyond as an inventor, philanthropist and adventurer as well as a canny businessman, Tom Slick also collected art, and his assortment of modern works, on display at the McNay, ranges from arresting Picasso ceramics to Barbara Hepworth’s remarkable 1950s sculptures and a suite of mesmerizing op-art paintings by Wojciech Fangor purchased just before Slick’s untimely death. `See “In search of Tom Slick, art collector,” June 17.`
General admission waived Thursday evenings and the first Sunday of the month. Through September 13, The McNay,

Action Philosophers!
The über-talented Overtime Crew swings from Bodhidharma to Marx in this (yes) thrilling adaptation of the comic-book series, which makes fun with Ayn Rand and John Stuart Mill without making light of their ideas. `See “Plato, live! at the Overtime,” August 26.`
$9-$12. Through September 19, the Overtime Theater,

Psycho Beach Party
The Cameo pulls off a flawless and frenetic rendition of Charles Busch’s gay send-up of those inane Frankie and Annette beach flicks. Of particular joy: Gregory Hinojosa’s amazing turn as Chicklet’s deranged mother (call ahead; he’s out for a few performances later in the run.) If you’re a fan of campy theater, you’d be psycho not to go. `See “Sun scream,” August 26.`
$15. Through October 3, Zumbro Lounge @ the Cameo Theatre,

Leigh Anne Lester
Leigh Anne Lester’s lovely illustrations of unnatural monstrosities are the art equivalent of a Venus Flytrap. Delicate flowers grafted to wicked-looking cacti capture you in a sticky conundrum: Is human meddling with DNA our greatest scientific achievement or a Vonnegut-penned epitaph? Lester doesn’t pretend to know, either, but she worries. More importantly for the insidious appeal of her work, progress gone wrong possesses its own terrible beauty. `See “Growth spurt,” July 10.`
Free. Through October 25, the Institute of Texan Cultures,, (210) 458-2300