Chisme y Chicle

Scott Cohen is a busy man. Fresh from opening Brasserie Pavil on Loop 1604 at Huebner, he and financial foundation Pat Kennedy are about to tackle another Loopland property, the recently shuttered Reggiano’s at 1604 and Stone Oak. “It will be a real grill,” says Cohen.  

And Watermark Grill will feature “prime” seafood from international waters. “We’ll have six to eight fresh, seasonal fish daily,” he says, and they can be finished on the wood-burning grill, sautéed, fried … even served in sashimi form. An oyster bar is also planned, where mollusks will be served raw, steamed, and roasted. Steaks and cocktails will round out a menu “that’s not gonna be super-duper high-end,” in Cohen’s words. He expects entrées to range from around $15 to $28 “with the bulk in the middle.” The adjacent bakery will be re-baptized WM Bakery and will offer retail and wholesale breads — a welcome option in this bread-poor town. We forgot to ask if the handsome space will be retooled (a bundle was dropped on the original interior), but with an anticipated opening “sometime toward the last quarter of the year,” we don’t expect a massive renovation.