S'nuff Film

The impending nuclear-powered holocaust got you down (see Greg Harman’s total bummer, page 10)? If so, tough titty —the fallout’s contaminated Snuffopolis this week, too, thanks to Esperanza Peace and Justice Center (esperanzacenter.org). The local nonprofit’s ongoing Other, Out & Beyond Film Festival features a day full of anti-nuke flicks on Saturday, October 3. The propaganda starts at 2 p.m., when you can watch the plutonium boogeyman threaten to melt Jane Fonda and Jack Lemmon in 1979’s The China Syndrome then contaminate Meryl Streep with Oscar magic in Silkwood. No mention, of course, of its contributions to time travel (Back to the Future), marshmallow-monster melting (Ghostbusters), or Ninja Turtle creation (Gandhi), but that’s typical of Big Granola’s shameless swift-boat tactics.

The reaction-bashing continues at 7 p.m. with the documentaries Climate of Hope and Woven Ways, then concludes with a nuclear-energy panel featuring “local activists and experts” at 8:30 p.m. The whole shebang takes place at Esperanza (922 San Pedro), and admission is free, though donations are always appreciated. Not for them. For me. This lead-lined computer desk ain’t paying for itself, people.