The Sound & The Fury

Hey, you! Yes, you. Right there, pretending to read this so you don’t have to make eye contact with the stinky man on the bus. And you, stinky man, scanning the page for secret messages from the ghost of Frank Zappa. You shouldn’t be doing that. Quit reading this immediately and get on the nearest computer (the nervous-looking fellow with the laptop won’t mind sharing).

It’s Rammy time, dammit! Click this icon right this very mother-humping second to vote for your favorite local musicians. Between now and Tuesday, November 3, you (that’s right, you) have the chance to choose who wins our second-annual music awards, and right now the frontrunners are: That Skank Who Stole Your Boyfriend in High School, That Band Everyone Likes But You, and the Jeremy Martin Experience. Only you have the power to change the future of San Antonio music history. Now go forth and vote and tell your friends and shit.

Also, grab your pink minks, because Cam’ron’s playing Scout Bar ( Thursday, October 22. Tickets are $20. Killa Cam’s fallen off some since 2004’s Purple Haze, but it’s probably worth a Jackson just to see what he’s wearing these days. Dipset! — Jeremy Martin