The Sound & The Fury

Red-hot alert: Any show with Cartographersand Blowing Treesis worth stopping by (Saturday at Limelight, 2718 N. St. Mary’s, 10 p.m.). But the other band featured that night could very well steal the show. Austin-based all-female trio Tribella (Latin for “three beauties,” but these girls rely on their songs and ballsy execution, not their looks) have released My Guest List, a strong debut EP.

“`Those` five songs probably capture our immediate enthusiasm, as well as our initial stylistic exploration,” the band told us in an email. The EP earned them critical comparisons to “Interpol’s charming younger sisters,” but I see them more as a versatile power trio that, I suspect, are dynamite live.

“We usually really surprise people with our live show, and have been dubbed everything from prog-rock to power-pop,” guitarist and vocalist Sarah Glynn said. “Ultimately, we have a great time onstage and are really passionate about the songs we play together.”

They’ve just finished their first U.S. tour and are giving the final touches to their first full-fledged CD, to be released in early 2010. “We feel like our songs are more cohesive and that we’re playing together better than ever.” — Enrique Lopetegui