The Sound & The Fury

While San Antonio’s old-guard music scene will be celebrating the fifth-annual Ram Jam (see “Ram remembered” ) this weekend, you damn kids have plenty of options, too. Friday night, rock ’n’ rollers should check out Blowing Trees, Tongue Tied Lightning, Fatback Circus, and the Vinyl Affair at Limelight (2718 N. St. Mary’s, and the dancers should shake their moneymakers on over to the Lava Lounge (2702 N. St. Mary’s; (210) 320-1740) where DJs John Mata & Daecosomoxi will be spinning the Essentials.

On Saturday, Limelight goes hip-hop with 210 Soul Players, Supa Smash Bros, 1st Team, DJ Cub, classic-metal cover bands Guns for Roses and Judas Rising play make-believe at Scout Bar (19314 US Highway 281 North,, and current S&F faves the Rafiki Project mellow out the Pedicab (415 E. Cevallos, (210) 388-2557).

I’d mention that Chicago (as in the “25 or 6 to 4” Chicago, not “When You’re Good to Mama” Chicago) play the Majestic (224 E. Houston, Friday night, but our market research indicates anyone old enough to care about that is only reading the Current to be shocked to death because modern life has become too scary and strange for them. So here you go: Dong, balls, Obamacare, gay marriage, legalized marijuana, Chatroulette. Sweet dreams grandpa, you were too beautiful for this world.— Jeremy Martin