More Gordon Raphael 'name-dropping,' Tangible Green, and a new Raphael blog coming soon

The Gordon Boyz did it again, and another speaker was blown.

Not content with Ill Prospekt’s burning up a speaker on December 10 (Gordon Raphael’s welcome party), Tangible Green did the exact same thing last Saturday at the official launching of Team Gordon at Studio 13.

In layman’s terms, “official launching of Team Gordon” means that The Man Who Used To Produce The Strokes is serious about San Antonio: new label Vaudeville Records is here, and now TG is looking for a permanent studio and venue to work out of. And remember what Dan García, a partner in Vaudeville Records and manager of Education said about “having great bands coming to San Antonio”? Interpol is the first of those bands to answer the call. They’ll be playing April 22 at Josabis (Helotes) with Education opening.

But there’s more: Raphael is putting together his own band, the Angel Headed Hipsters (inspired by Allen Ginsberg’s Howl), with “the Boerne Boys”: John McWha on guitar, Hunter Jackson on bass, Raphael on guitar, and “some punk drummer” he was going to meet last Monday.


“We’re going to do some shows and see if people will be able to digest what we have to offer,” said Raphael. “Then we’ll do an album.”

Does that mean he’s not going back to Berlin as he originally planned to do around this time?

“Look,” he said, “I’m the kind of friend that stays for as long as it’s fun. As long as there are bands that will allow me to record them, I’ll stay. When it slows down, I’ll ‘retire.’”

“It’s the New Vaudeville Era,” said Josh Villarreal, the man who brought Gordon to SA and who recently quit his job at a hotel to devote fully to The Cause: “We want to have Vaudeville Records, label and venue. But we don’t want SA to be ‘the new Seattle,’ or anything. We want SA to be the new SA, an internationally recognized place to record and hear new music.”

And if Mr. I’m-Pissed-Because-Gordon-Won’t-Produce-Me anonymous dude in cyberspace thinks we’re giving Gordon too much ink, I have news for him: Gordon Raphael’s New Vaudeville Era is the latest addition to the Current’s blog team. Expect it soon.

And a quickie before we leave: singer-songwriter Jeremiah stole the show at Studio 13, and we’d love to have one of his songs on our new Mixx Tape which, by the way, is still under construction but is coming up faster than you can say mp3.

So, Jeremiah: go to, click on “music,” “mixx tape,” and “wanna be added?” and follow the instructions. And forget about hits: send me the song you’re most proud of. You’re good.