Oscar Shorts coming to San Antonio's Santikos Bijou

Lewis Howlett’s superb Catholic guilt-ridden performance (especially the movie’s devastating last close-up) in The Confession, one of the nominees for Best Live Action Short at this year’s Academy Awards, is worth the ticket price alone. But there’s a lot more to watch. These 15 films, divided in the Live Action, Animated Action, and Documentary categories, have something for everyone. You have a smart, gorgeous-looking black and white romantic comedy in God of Love; Na Wewe (pictured), a chilling yet funny exploration into the absurdity of Hutu/Tutsi conflict in Burundi’s civil war; an animated marvel in Madagascar, carnet de voyage; and balls the size of a Buick in Ashraf Al-Khaled, who speaks out against terrorism in Killing in the Name. A feast for the eyes and the brain.

Oscar Shorts

Santikos Bijou @ Crossroads

4522 Fredericksburg

Various screenings, Sun, Feb 13

Animated Shorts: 11:30am and 7:30pm

Live Shorts: 1:30pm and 9:30pm

Documentary Shorts: 3:45pm

Regular ticket prices.

(210) 734-4552

(also available on iTunes and cable’s Movies On Demand from Feb 22)