San Antonio Named Most Popular U.S. City for Mexican Food

Food industry news site Chef’s Pencil recently published a 2020 report on the most popular cuisines in the U.S., finding Mexican food among the nation’s most beloved fare.

In other unsurprising news, the study named San Antonio as the most popular U.S. city for Mexican cuisine.

Using Google Trends data, the report found that a growing number of Americans are looking to add Mexican food to their plates in restaurants and at home.

Though Chinese food took the No. 1 spot as the most popular cuisine in the nation, Mexican cuisine is quickly closing the gap. According to the study, Mexican restaurants make up nearly 9% of all U.S. restaurants, and while Southern states consistently show their love for Mexican food, the cuisine continues to find new fans up north.

Southern states may have initially embraced the cuisine due to their close proximity to Mexico, but the study goes to show that great food knows no borders.

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