Signs of the times

Genevieve and Scotch! talk about collaboration and personal evolution

click to enlarge “East” (detail) by Genevieve and Scotch!
“East” (detail) by Genevieve and Scotch!
Release Date: 2007-07-11
Since their first meeting two years ago, local artists Genevieve and Scotch! have been collaborating by forging his stencils with her drawings, while continuing to produce solo as well. Their works have been plastered all over town: along streets, art galleries, bars, coffee shops, and even once on the side of the Current’s headquarters. It’s presently 11 days before their CAM show begins at Ghetto Good Art Café, and I’m meeting the couple at Guadalupe Street Coffee, where their artwork currently hangs. The pieces that haven’t already been sold are moving to the CAM show along with new stuff they can knock out between now and the opening date.

San Antonio natives, they have been artists most of their lives. Genevieve has been drawing since she can remember and Scotch! since the tender age of 7, evolving from doodling ninjas, guns, horses, and Rainbow Brite characters by leaps and bounds.

“Throughout the years I was always wondering what I was going to do: computer animation, painting, or drawing. Stenciling is just something that I enjoy doing,” says Scotch!. His stencils have always had an air of whimsy, from his adaptations of crocodiles in suits to Star Wars Stormtroopers to peon robots in tuxedo regalia. “There’s still a sense of humor in my stuff, but I now think it’s more artsy,” he says. “I’m working with a lot more layers and trying to do something that I’ve never done before. I’m pretty excited about the new pieces.”

Genevieve’s talent lies elsewhere. “I’m just a tracer,” Scotch! says. “She’s the true artist.” Focusing on feminine characters as her centerpieces, Genevieve plans out delicate drawings, and then transforms her blueprints into colorful pieces of artwork. “You could still see stuff popping up from my childhood. I like a bit of abstraction in my work too. I’ve actually heard they’re sweeter now and a little more innocent. I used to do more erotic paintings, but I think I’ve gotten that out of my system,” she says. Perhaps it’s a change that can be attributed to motherhood. Genevieve gave birth to a baby girl, Freja, three months ago.

Despite their different styles, Genevieve and Scotch! have worked on a number of projects together. “Sometimes he prepares a canvas for me then tells me to do something with the background, and I’m like what am I going to do with those colors? Or I’ll do something and he’ll say OK, what can I do on top of this?” says Genevieve. “We do have different techniques when it comes to artwork, but when we come together it just works.”