The Prime Eights: Journey of the Opportunist

Release Date: 2009-07-15

On July 2 and 3, Stella Haus hosted art collaborators Mark Walley and Angela Guerra, who together comprise the Prime Eights, in a show based on their lovely and mysterious short film, Journey of the Opportunist. The show’s down, but you should go watch the film (, a unique and heartening … well,  advertisement of sorts for the human condition. A calm female narrator issues gentle directives and explanations of what motivates and awaits us, as though instructing a brand-new person: “In time, it’ll become clearer and clearer to you, and you may soon find what you’re after.” In its poetic short scenes, precise editing, and deft, charming score, it has a Michel Gondry feel to it while seeming not at all derivative. Interesting, non-perjorative use of the word “opportunist,” too. We’re keen to see what the Prime Eights do next.