The Fool

The Fool
Composer: Warpaint
Conductor: Warpaint
Label: Rough Trade
Release Date: 2010-11-03
Rated: NONE
Genre: Recording

This debut album from California sirens Warpaint, composed of Emily Kokal (vocals/guitar), Jenny Lee Lindberg (bass/vocals), Stella Mozgawa (drums), and Theresa Wayman (guitar/vocals), is a phenomenal pick for autumn with its haunting, lush folk vocals and crisp warm psychedelic melodies. The single “Undertow” tries for Cobain-esque lyrics like “What’s a matter? You hurt yourself? Open your eyes and now there’s someone else.” Even the melodies recall Nirvana’s “Polly,” and although dark and complex, the harmonies create a pleasing finish. “Bees” also starts out dimly but picks up with Lindberg, Kokal, and Wayman echoing the Cure while Mozgawa kills on the drums. “Baby” is a hushed lullaby for the complicated adult with reassuring/menacing lyrics like. “Don’t you call anybody else baby, cause I’m your baby still.” Delivered in the quartet’s collective rich, soothing voices, even the darkest concepts can lull the listener into a nostalgic slumber.