Druggist w. Marcus Rubio and the Gospel Choir of Pillows

Release Date: 2008-10-22

ArtPace hosts a rare rooftop performance Friday, featuring dynamic indie rockers Druggist and multi-instrumentalist Marcus Rubio and the Gospel Choir of Pillows in a show that coincides with the residency of artist Richie Budd. Budd, a multi-media sculptor, invited the bands to join in on his ArtPace residency for the show, during which he’ll be handling lighting, bubble, and fog machines, confetti cannons, and more. Equally as comfortable playing organic piano pop or guitar-heavy futuristic rock, Druggist crosses musical genres effortlessly and consistently delivers high-energy, infectious live shows. The band will be performing with a six-piece lineup that has been assembled to help promote the upcoming release of their third full-length album The Pile On. The live set will feature 14 of the 19 songs from the forthcoming album. Free, 8pm, ArtPace, 445 Main Ave., (210) 212-4900.