Attic Ted, McEats, Patsy

Release Date: 2009-04-01

The not-so-subtle drug pun in Attic Ted’s name is very appropriate, though there’s nothing particularly psychedelic about the San Marcos band’s music, and nothing particularly stoner about their appearance. In fact, the now-two-piece (Grady Roper on organ and Margie Osborne on cello) makes an idiosyncratic brand of experimental noise that seems the product of a deep personal weirdness, not a brain scarred with chemical burn, and it wouldn’t be shocking to discover their creativity is fueled by nothing stronger than diet cola. Attic Ted’s imbalanced music, however, perfectly captures the unfamiliar precariousness of a heavily altered state, constantly shifting unprompted from moments of otherworldly oddball beauty to sickening self-loathing. “My Turn Now,” from the band’s latest seven-inch, is the aural equivalent of the ether-soaked Bazooko Circus scene in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas — Roper plays a possessed barker while his organ nails that wheezy carnival calliope and Osbourne’s cello buzzes like a wax-papered comb kazoo. “Buying In,” conversely, recalls Teenage Jesus & the Jerks, with Roper contemplating selling out to “make a fucking ton of money” over atonal scales that berate his weakening convictions. $3, 9pm Fri, Apr 3, GIG on the Strip, 2803 N. St. Mary’s,