Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company: Song of the Phoenix

Critic's Pick Release Date: 2010-01-27

The Carver Community Cultural Center, San Antonio’s historical exhibition space and performing arts hall of African-American arts and culture, casts a wide and truly diverse net: This season, it embraces Korean-American string-playing sisters the Ahn Trio, and last summer’s epic Ramayana cycle was unexpectedly joyous and fun. This Saturday, Chinese-American choreographer Nai-Ni Chen brings her brand of hybrid-influenced dance to the Carver’s stage. She draws from traditional calligaphy, venerable ritual, and classical poetry, which together with vigorous innovation makes for a stirring experience (a YouTube perusal of Chen’s work is highly recommended). $31, 8pm Jan 30, the Jo Long Theatre, 226 N. Hackberry, — Sarah Fisch