Penn Glee Club

Critic's Pick Release Date: 2010-05-19

All you “Gleeks” (fans of the show Glee) out there should be skipping and whistling right about now — one of the oldest Glee Clubs in the U.S. (happy since 1862) is paying SA a visit. Luckily, we’re one of four cities on their 2010 tour (along with Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Salt Lake City). Much like Glee’s “New Directions,” Penn Glee Club fearlessly mixes show tunes, pop songs, and classical favorites into its repertoire, but the voices are all male. Although you (unfortunately) won’t be hearing these guys sing any Madonna songs, they’re not without a goofy sense of humor: Their most recent endeavor is titled Top Chef! A Soup Opera, and it’s rated PGLEE-13. Free, 7:30pm, Trinity’s Ruth Taylor Recital Hall, 715 Stadium Dr.,,