Mayoral Horse Race

Last week, State Rep. Mike Villarreal reached a fundraising goal and secured an important endorsement in his bid to be the next mayor of San Antonio.

“We raised $50,000 associated with our first fundraiser,” Villarreal said of the event, which pushed his campaign over a $200,000 goal.

“More than 200 people have donated to our campaign,” he added, and nine more fundraisers are scheduled in the next 40 days. “In the end, we will have the supporters and the resources to get our message out.”

Villarreal has also earned an early endorsement from the Texas Equity PAC, an organization that endorses candidates in the Lone Star State whom they believe will support the LGBT community through policy and legislation.

Equality Texas Executive Director Chuck Smith said the organization’s PAC chose Villarreal because of his pro-LGBT track record.

Asked how he would handle San Antonio’s non-discrimination ordinance, which has been criticized for lacking an enforcement mechanism, Villarreal said he would make sure the NDO’s intent is realized, but he danced around a real answer.

“I would sit down with folks to see how it is carried out and thought out,” Villarreal said.